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My process

I paint mainly with oils applied using palette knives but all media, whether acrylic or mixed, appeal to me. My work is between figuration and abstraction, sometimes I move from one to another. I like to catch the eye and play with colors. It's rarely abrupt or sharp, rather touching. This does not prevent the force and the solidity of the line which shows through here and there in my painting through various successive layers applied in an energetic way at the beginning and then more and more subtle. At the origin of my paintings there is always a story, a study, a sketch, or an idea that will appear on the canvas. Shades, variations, opacity or transparency allow me to assemble matter, color, shadows and light in a symphony of tones.

Thanks to my three years of study at the Ecole du Louvre, I acquired a solid artistic training in art history but also a visual capacity to analyze the elements, whatever they are. This training was for me a way to get closer to the beautiful, the sumptuous and to gradually fill a living space.

The real construction of my commitment to painting comes from my imagination which helps me to perceive the hidden side of things and from my poetic sense which allows me to understand things from within. My work tends to express the relationship between memory and landscape, which is why it extends more towards the abstract spectrum.

This is my way of creating sensitive, lively and personal paintings.


Jeannick Delord is a contemporary French painter currently living in Rouen and Cabourg. Painting is her mode of expression. She grew up near Paris and moved to Normandy cliffs after graduating  from the Ecole du Louvre. She enjoys telling people that she roamed the exhibition rooms of the Louvre so much that once she got lost ! Then she settled in the city of Rouen and built an on-line business. She found her way by attending to an art workshop.  In a friendly artistic atmosphere, she  gave free rein to her creativity. She took a lot  of paths... but it doesn't matter since she joined the one that had always been hers.

Diploma from the Ecole du Louvre 1998

RBGE Certificate in botanical illustration with distinction 2021

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